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From London to Rural France

Updated: Aug 15

Welcome to my blog, a chance to discover more about my paintings and life in France.

I'm an Anglo-Belgian artist now based in Beaubery in Saône-et-Loire. I previously spent the majority of my adult life in London. This blog is a chance to give you a greater insight into my painting practice. It will also enable me to tell the story of how I came to move to France and how my painting practice continues to evolve.

Frame Paintings

Initially inspired by medieval tapestries, I ended up concentrating on frames that populate the edges of my paintings. This has evolved into creating pieces that each have a unique atmosphere. My paintings are fusions of different styles and play with opposing minimalism and ornamentation. I am influenced by the history of art, contemporary painting, the beautiful countryside around me and also the decorative. Did I mention fusions?

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