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1-1 Teaching

Individual tutorials can be booked via the link below.

My own paintings look a little bit like mirrors and the same is true of my teaching. I am good at reflecting back at people that which they maybe cannot see yet and really drawing out what people want to achieve in their art practice, rather than imposing my own style or ideas upon others. 


I have 15 years of teaching experience, including eight years teaching drawing at the London College of Fashion. I also set up the International Drawing Studio in Antwerp, where students from the UK and Belgium attended short courses. 

I offer in-depth one to one tutorials via zoom, and I also offer real time studio support to artists. Suggested formats for tutoring can be booked directly via the calendar below.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements via email if you prefer, or book in a free 10 minute clarity call if you would like to know more about working with me. 

Book your slot by using link below, you can also contact me by emailing 

It was really useful to talk to an artist practicing in a different field, and think beyond the world and circles I know - it's where I want to be heading and how I want to be thinking - exhibiting not confined to textiles... 

Really useful to be encouraged to think about other mediums - to not just wait for my work to marry up when I find a print person, but to better embody NOW what I want to achieve - it makes so much sense, but when you are up close to what you are doing you don't always see it.   

Hanny N

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