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The Garden

35x28 cm, 2022

The Garden is a painting from 2022 painted during early summer. I wanted it to have a fresh verdant feel to it. Although it is quite abstract, the vegetation and flowers are meant to feel really lush and opulent. 

At the same time the painting is meant to contain a kind of paradox. Along the top edge there are a row of artificial nails holding little gem lettuce leaves. I want to play around with the idea of the natural and the artificial and how little eco systems or worlds can be created based upon ideas of adornment, painting, self-care and representation.  On the previous page I have added an image of the work in progress, at one point there were some leopard/zebra print nails in play. The eagle eyed amongst you will also have seen that the painting also ended up being turned upside down during the process of making it. 

Fundamentally there is something both fun and soothing about the idea of creating new tiny worlds or portals, whether through painting on panel or through manicures. As always I love the idea of fusing different worlds and influences. 

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